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Event Location: Camp McNeill in White Oak NC



13165 NC Hwy 53 West White Oak, NC 28399


Cabins, potable running water in all buildings, showers, modern plumbing, microwave, heating elements allowed, electricity available in all buildings (if you are bringing a heating element, crock-pot, or other electronic that consumes significant electricity, you must contact us so you can be set up appropriately to not blow a breaker).

We use the entirety of Camp McNeil for most games.

The campsite is mainly forest and dirt. There is one main road that goes through the camp, which is dirt. Paths are either gravel, sand, or dirt. There are ants, spiders, and prickly plants, so bring comfortable, closed toed footwear!


Cabins are not heated or cooled. The Fort (where most sleep) has short ramps to the door and  bunk beds. Bathrooms have accessible showers and stall.

Many features of the camp are spread out via sand or dirt paths that can be uneven or rocky. Most everything is within a 5-10 minute walk. There are underground tunnels and a wooden ship that require ducking and crawling to navigate (but are not necessary for participation).

We support bringing any personal accessibility devices you may need (glasses, walking assistance, CPAP machines, etc), though we are not responsible for losses or damage. There are electrical outlets in all cabins, and heated blankets and space heaters are allowed (you must contact us to tell us you are bringing one so we can set you up appropriately, otherwise you may blow a breaker).

Contact us if you have medical equipment so that we can ensure you are being fully accommodated (IE- have your own designated outlet for CPAP, etc).

Looking for a map of the camp? Click here!

Arrival Times


You may arrive on Fridays beginning at 5pm. If you opt for early arrival, you may arrive as early as 12pm on Thursday.



Please try to arrive at the site no later than 8pm Friday evening so you can be checked in by 9:30. If you do not attend check-in during the designated time, you will need to wait a while for a team member to assist you after game on.


We clear out of the campsite by 12pm Sunday morning. Everyone is responsible for cleaning their own bunk space, including picking up all trash and sweeping.

Other Info



All fire must be created and used only in designated fire pits - of which there are MANY! There is at least one (if not multiple) firepit per each building. Real flame candles and other forms of "open fire" (even covered lanterns) are prohibited outside of fire-pit areas.

Grills and fire pits are available to cook food if you wish.

Cigarettes are only allowed in three designated areas, which will be pointed out at check-in. Pipes, hookahs, and other non-anachronistic smoking devices are allowed within play, but must not be used within 20 feet of a building, or inside buildings. If you are outside of a designated smoking area, you must ALWAYS check with those around you before lighting up.


We do not allow modern tents, since there is ample cabin space for all attendees at this campsite. However, we do have tent space for appropriate tents, and most of the park is available to tent in with pre-approval. Contact us to get approval for tenting.

Vardos and RVs are not permitted in the camp, but are allowed in the parking lot with pre-approval due to limited parking.


Alcohol and drugs are STRICTLY PROHBITED, do not bring these under any circumstances. See our "Zero Tolerance" policies in the Code of Conduct.

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