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The Rulebook

The rulebook covers the following topics and more! Understanding all of these sections are important to having a great time at Amnesty LARP. You can download a copy of the most recent Rulebook by clicking the      button at the top right of the PDF reader.

Most recent rules updates are noted in the Changelog at the bottom of this page.​​

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  • Tunics, Shirts, and Dresses"
    Tunic and dress patterns are pretty interchangeable. Simply lengthen the item to create a dress, and shorten it to create a tunic. T-Tunic Dress
  • Pants and Bottoms
    Salwar Pants (Basic Pants) Pattern How to assemble Salwar Pants
  • Tabards, Doublets, and Coats"
    Coming Soon!
  • Robes and Cloaks
    Semi-Circle Cloak Pattern - novice level sewing - One of the simplest ways to make a REAL cloak! There is very little sewing necessary, so that hand-sewing this is possible!
  • Orc Kit Tips from Denmark
    Tips about Orc Costuming and how to stay comfortable by Asbjørn Godvin Hansen from Okup Shkamb in Denmark!
  • Links to resources and pattern collections
    Basic Patterns from EQOS on Deviantart Simple Dress and Tunic patterns from Rosalie Gilbert Clothing, Not Costume - Guide for layering and getting that touch of realism! From LARP GUIDE
  • Items to look for at thrift and second-hand stores
    Thrift stores are great ways to find durable basic gear for starter kits without breaking the bank. Many choose to upgrade their kits after a time, but if you are vigilant and creative, some of your coolest and most unique kit items can be found while thrifting! Everyone should always check the Women's section for items - there is typically much more variety with both styles and sizes! Leather belts Linen items that can be used as is or modified to fit the dress code (buttons, pockets, and cuffs must be removed and no modern stylings) Fur coats to cut up for trim, or use as-is Feastware (wooden and metal bowls and cups - make sure they are cleaned and food safe!) Leather/fabric/woven purses without zippers or modern elements - these can make great pouches Footwear - boots are an excellent find, so keep your eye out!
  • How to make a button-down shirt fit the LoE dress code
    Coming Soon!
  • How to remove pockets (no sew)
    Coming soon!
  • How to remove buttons and make it lace-up instead (no sew)
    Coming soon!
  • How to make a bog chair
    These chairs are immersive, inexpensive, and break down for travel! You just need acess to a few woodworking tools. Find a tutorial here, or use the search term "Bog Chair" in Google to look for more ideas!
  • Making a simple alchemy kit
    Coming soon!
  • Making bloody bandages
    Coming soon!
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