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While a "PC" is a player character, an "NPC" is a non-player character. In our story, PCs are the main characters, whereas NPCs are supporting characters with real goals and purpose in the world.  At check in, each player must sign up for a continuous 4-hour block of time where they will play NPCs, called "NPC Time".

Part of the game experience includes participating in one NPC session. NPC time is a block of time where you step out of your character role and into an out of game space (the Plot Cabin) to get ready for a new role. In game, PCs call this “going on watch”.  You will play anywhere from 1 to 5 (typically 2-3) different roles during NPC shift.  

Friday night (~10pm-2am)
Saturday Morning (~10am-2pm)
Saturday Afternoon #1 (varies)

Saturday Afternoon #2 (varies)
Saturday Night  (~10pm-2am)

**Please note that shift blocks are typically 4 consecutive hours, and the exact block times will be in the Facebook announcement for that game, a few days before each game. Players are also permitted to perform multiple 4-hour NPC time blocks, if desired, but only ONE 4-hour time block is required. 


At Amnesty, NPC time can often turn into one of your favorite game experiences. Having players participate in NPC time enables everyone to step into another role or two during the game, and get invested in the story from another perspective!  NPCs are often given backstories or small goals they must accomplish, in the face of PC interference.  Any roleplay or combat that follows is organic, and can create long-term effects for the world and players. 


During your time, you are assigned a role to play that enables the story. Sometimes, the Plot Team will strongly direct the motivations and desires of the NPC persona in order to emphasize a story arc. Other times, we give a little more creative freedom with backstory or motivations, and allow each NPC to decide on their own how they would react to PC interaction. 

In preparation for the NPC time, we ask that players remove their signature character gear, or change into another kit that fits the game's aesthetic. This removes confusion when you are playing an NPC, so other players do not think you might still be your PC. Any medieval fantasy clothing combination is acceptable, including a complete second kit (with armor) that does not signify your PC. If you do not have a separate kit, then show up in your character’s base kit, and the plot team will work with you to create a new visual persona using plot costuming. 

Plot will provide any necessary extra costuming for specific NPC roles
.  Sometimes costuming will be simple, while other NPC costumes can be entire creature suits or masks and prosthetics.  We often use fake blood and other SFX to create a more believable experience, when appropriate.  Allergies to latex and other SFX are taken seriously so please let us know during NPC assignment. 


The game staff does not provide weapons. You must use a LARP-safe weapon provided by you, or borrowed (with explicit permission) from someone else. Alternatively, we sometimes provide roles that do not require weapons, or are purely roleplay.

Examples of NPC roles include:

Other Allied or Exiled races, prisoners, princesses, orcs, cultists, wraiths, undead, farmers, bandits, spirits, messengers, swamp monsters, and even dead bodies.  We also have full monster suits which are sometimes available for people to try!


Anything you learn on NPC shift, including the words or actions with other PCs and NPCs, should not be known by your PC unless learned in-game while playing your PC. It's hard to forget everything, and you shouldn't! But try not to use the information against your fellow players in discouraging ways once you are back to playing your PC. If you have any questions regarding metagaming, please contact Plot.


📷James Rose


Some people prefer to play as a full-time NPC. This means that instead of creating a character (PC), they come to the game prepared to play almost anything!  Full-time NPCs will play multiple roles throughout the game, for at least 4 of the 5 NPC Shift Blocks.  If you are interested in playing a full time NPC, please contact a plot member via the Facebook group and get your Full Time NPC Pass.

If you plan on being a Full Time NPC, you must contact plot (via Facebook group) at least a week ahead of the game to reserve a bed.

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