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PEL Form is at the bottom of this page!

The Post Event Letter (PEL) is how you let the Storyteller team know what you've been up to in game (both as a PC and NPC).  We use this information to help plot align with the story as it unfolds each game from player actions.


We encourage EVERYONE who attended each game to fill this out while things are still fresh in mind.

Post Event Letters are Story-Focused Reports, available for players to fill out after an event that ask a series of questions to sum up what happened with their Player Characters (PC) and Non-Player Characters (NPC). The purpose of the PEL is to that communicate what happened to your PC (player character) and NPCs (non-player characters) for continuity and story-telling. When you submit a PEL, it allows the Storyteller team to search back through history to see what characters were involved in something and in what capacity - even things that transpired years ago!

Do note that PELs are not a catch-all - if you want to report something, provide out of game feedback, raise a concern, or have something that needs resolution or action, please email with a summary of the situation so that we can open that dialogue.

When do PELs open?

PELs open within the week after a game.  Open PELs will be announed, and active PELs will always be found on this page.

When do PELs close?

During the season, PELs close approximately two weeks before the next game.

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