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Need some basic LARPing essentials? Looking to upgrade your kit?


We've got you covered!


Order with our web vendor ambassador, Stephanie, of Faire Trade Armory and LARP Supply, and get FREE SHIPPING if you pick your items up at an LoE game! 

Ordering for at-game pickup

From the possible web vendors below, collect the product numbers  and quantities for your desired items, and send them to Stephanie via email.

Note: Some vendors require LONG lead times (4+ weeks). Message Stephanie for details.  All orders must be placed AT MINIMUM 3 WEEKS before the next game. 

Available Web Vendors

Epic Armory

LARP Distribution

Forged Foam


Aradani Costumes - Please use the special order form!

Please use the order forms below

Meet our LARP supply ambassador, Stephanie, who runs Faire Trade Armory and LARP supply! Stephanie attends all LoE games, bringing orders as well as cool gear you can buy on site!

For inquiries about stock and availability, please email Stephanie at:

After sending product #'s, quantity, and web vendor name through the forms, Stephanie will reply with your product total and any issues with availability and lead times.

Remember - no matter how many different web vendors you sleect from, ordering the items through Stephanie will get you FREE SHIPPING if you pick up your order at an LoE game!

Not sure what you want?


You can also browse a smaller selection of weapons, accessories, and other gear at a game, from various vendors across the internet, all in one place! Also, all the LARP gear Stephanie sells at the booth is LoE approved, so no worry about whether it fits in our game world. If you purchase an item this way, a portion of every purchase supports LoE! To see what might be in stock at the next game, message Stephanie for more info.



Availability and Lead Times - Although some items are kept in stock by Stephanie, many items' availability is limited to the stock and lead times of each online vendor. Please chat with Stephanie to get full details for any items you have interest in!

Returns - Contact Stephanie if you are in need of a return, only for items purchased through HER. Limitations and conditions apply.

Exchanges - Contact Stephanie, these are on a case-by-case basis.

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