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February Event Rescheduled - Details

Howdy folks!

Thank you for your patience awaiting this announcement. We have made a decision to go with what the overwhelming majority of our players want for the rescheduled event per the poll responses: the first Amnesty event will be May 19-21, and another event is being added to June 9-11. This means that the four dates for Amnesty 2023 are:

-May 19-21

-June 9-11

-Sept 29-Oct 1

-Dec 8-11

If you have already filled out the below form but have changed your mind with this updated event date announcement, you can still change your mind! Just select the “I already filled out this form, but this is my updated answer” box at the end.

If you had a ticket to the rescheduled event, you can choose what you would like to do with your ticket at this form: – if we don’t receive a response from you we will automatically transfer your ticket* to the next event (no action is required on your part). Transferring your ticket or taking the Character Point is an appreciated way to support the game if you can at this time, but is not expected. Please submit your form response by the end of March if you want a refund.

Your options for your ticket are:

-Take a refund for the event

-Transfer ticket to the next event (May 19-21) and gain 2 Feather Points

-Take the Character Point for this event (no ticket transfer), and gain 5 Feather Points

*If you transfer your ticket to the next event, you’ll be awarded with 2 Feather Points, which will have a spendable list soon for Amnesty, and function similarly to other King Heron Events games.

If you have requested a refund already on the first iteration of the form, they were sent on Sunday 3/5/2023, and can take up to ten business days to be returned to your account depending on the form of payment (up to March 17th). If you originally requested a refund you cannot change your answer to the form because the refunds are already in process.

If you already requested a ticket transfer or don’t fill out the form, your ticket transfer will apply to the May event.

If you are a Season Passholder or reserved a Private Quarters and wish to request a refund for the rescheduled March event, please send an email to All Private Quarters reservations will be transferred to the May event, unless otherwise specified by emailing (they can instead be transferred to a different event as well).


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