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Good evening criminals! As foretold, here are your spicy announcements!

Our official 2024 dates are:

  • February 9-11

  • April 5-7

  • September 20-22

  • December 6-8


Firstly, here's our biggest juicy news: THIS IS THE THIRD SEASON OF AMNESTY, OF FOUR SEASONS! Amnesty will be ending: 2025 (next year) will be the final chapter for the Badlands after years of running. We've learned from experience and recognize that a story (especially a long running larp!) needs to have an intentional ending in order to be satisfying and sustainable. We're giving you a two year head's up so you have the knowledge to guide your character's story, and to emotionally prepare! These next two seasons of Amnesty are going to be absolutely BONKERS.


Secondly, Season Passes for 2024 - our penultimate Season - will go on sale tomorrow evening at 8pm; and tickets for our February event are on sale on the KHE website now! You can also pre-reserve your Private Rooms & Private Cabins tomorrow when Season Passes go on sale.

Season Passes are $280 (or 3 payments of $94) and include the following perks this year:

  • Tickets to every 2024 Amnesty event

  • New this year: you can spend all of your expected CP at the beginning of the year!

  • 2024 T-Shirt (the new super sick design will be released in the next couple of weeks)

  • Early Arrival: Included with any Season Pass! Arrive as early as 5pm Thursday evening before game.


Misc Announcements:

All event tickets have been preloaded onto the King Heron website to go on sale automatically, and the website also shows you when tickets will go on sale for an event.


We are officially updating the name of our identifying genre & marketing to "Appalachian Gothic." In the shortest terms, Southern Gothic describes and includes real life racial themes that are not present at our game. The tone and genre of Amnesty are not changing, rather, we are picking more accurate descriptors for what we already are! Be patient as we go through and update our website, pages, etc - you can always find us by looking up Amnesty LARP!


The rulebook will be updated before the first event (February 9-11).


We're excited to play with you in the most intense season of Amnesty yet!


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