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Event Info - Event Passes, Arrival & Sleeping Arrangements, Updates (Rulebook & Lore)

Event Passes

Event Passes for the First Amnesty Event (February 24-27th) will go on sale this Friday January 21st at 8PM eastern. There will be a total of 60 passes available, and Event Passes for attending Amnesty as a Player Character are $70, and a $30 optional Early Arrival (see below). There *might* be Season Passes for the year with some perks to you, depending on when the other three dates for this year get confirmed (this will be made apparent before passes go on sale on Friday) – there will be a total of four Amnesty events this year. We also have a Scholarship Fund where sponsors can help out fellow players with event pass costs. There’s a Scholarship Fund page coming to the King Heron Events website soon, but for now you can email to sponsor or request sponsorship.


Early Arrival & Sleeping Arrangements

We’re optional early arrival for Thursday for $30. You can arrive anytime on Thursday (after 12pm) and set up your space, sleep overnight, etc. Game On is Friday evening. There are places to sleep in the Fort, a few cabins, and a couple of other extraneous buildings (available with a cot). We’re getting a camp map up soon that goes over what’s available for sleeping (and how many beds), when you get your event pass you will be able to select your preferred bed. However, be sure to review the Covid-19 Requirements, because if you have a different risk factor (ie: if you’re masking instead of having shown a negative test result) than others in your cabin you will have to be moved.


Merch & Founder’s Guild

We’ll be offering some cool swag as fundraising for the launch of the game – Amnesty Founder’s Guild T-Shirts, mugs, and other paraphernalia that won’t ever be offered again! If there’s merch you want to see, suggest it down below! These will go live for pre-orders soon.


Food & Amenities

Food is not included in the Event Pass, and there is not a full kitchen on site – we will be bringing microwaves that will be available on site for your use! We’re looking at possibly bringing in an optional outside food vendor/caterer or food truck. There are tent spots for non-anachronistic tents (think canvas and cottons, natural fiber tents). The camp has electricity and outlets, but is NOT heated or cooled. You can bring an electric blanket or an electric space heater, as long as it is equipped with an auto safety off feature.



General Updates:

  • Character Creation Guide - Released (New)

  • Costuming Guide & Requirements - Released (in Character Creation Guide)

  • Document Formatting - Updated (General)

  • Language & Clarifications - Updated (Various, minor)

Content Updates:

All of these updates are completed in documentation, but the Stealable Items page will be updated to match the Rulebook & Documentation soon.

  • Names and genders of the two gods - Updated / Removed

  • Regarding Genre and Discrimination - Updated

  • Sex, the Wild West, and You Section - Updated

  • “Nordic Items” renamed to “Story Items” (Items, Crafting & Stealing) - Updated

  • “Tavern” renamed to “Saloon” - Updated

Safety Updates:

All Nerf blasters must have orange tip (paint or tape) - Clarification added

“Time out - Drop Your Nerfs!” - Out of game call added

Rulebook Updates:

Amnesty Rules Update Logs - V 1.0 - 1/19/2022

  • Table of Contents - Added

  • Credits - Jess Comstock added

  • Content Warnings - Added

  • Number of Archetypes allowed increased to 3 (previously 2)

  • Crafted Item storage maximums between events

  • Playing to Lift - Keeping track of damage paragraph added

  • Minimum shooting distance - further general clarification added

  • Longshot - horizontal surface requirement update

  • Advanced Art: Assassinate - if target is armed with a ranged weapon clarification added

  • Counterjinx - Can now be used to stop both monsters’ magic as well as the Hex skill in use.

  • Advanced Art: Necromancy - When effect ends clarification added


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