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[Official Announcements: September 2023 Event]

Welcome back to our penultimate event for the 2023 Amnesty LARP Season: THAT DOG WON’T HUNT! This is one of our biggest games yet, with about 70 people on site. Please read these announcements in full.

[Waivers & Covid Policy Reminders]

Everyone has signed their waivers for this year, hooray! Thank you!

**IMPORTANT: YOU WILL BE EJECTED WITHOUT REFUND FROM THE EVENT IF YOU DO NOT FULFILL THE COVID-19 POLICY REQUIREMENTS/AGREEMENTS.** Reminder of our Covid Policies - you must provide proof of vaccination, and email a negative Covid-19 test to per the many agreements/warnings provided when buying a ticket. I am checking these now and will continue to check people off. If you arrive on site without having submitted this, you will be immediately ejected from the event without refund, without exception. This is very serious and there is absolutely no excuse or flexibility with this policy.


[Feather Points Opportunity]

Our staff is small but mighty - we massively need help with unloading the trailer & setting up Ops right now, and packing up & reloading the trailer on Sunday. If you can assist, show up to Ops and write your name on the FP list and I’ll let you know what we need help with! Staff will be up at Ops at 10AM on Sunday. THANK YOU!!!!!


[Site & Ops Information]

We are at Camp McNeill this weekend. When you enter the camp, stick to the left (on both junctions). You’ll come across a bridge and will see the sign for McNeill. Continue straight on that road past the gate and you’ll see the Fort on your right. Ops is at the Meal Hall, which is where you will come for your NPC time. Ops is also where check in will be tonight at 7PM.

Please police your trash and anachronisitc items like water bottles, plastics, etc. We have two photographers on site this weekend (Justin Dizon and Ryan Bragg).

Things to be aware of: 1) there is a yellow jacket nest under one of the steps at the entrance of the Fort. Dannie Gray is bringing wasp killer and we will be spraying it when it gets dark so they don’t get agitated. 2) The Ranger is on site currently fixing a few things for us, his name is Doyle or “Mr. Tater,” please tell him you love him and thank you! 3) There are wild turkeys around the park, be safe driving in.

**IMPORTANT: On Saturday afternoon, the Superintendent and an entourage from the park office will be dropping by. If you see people in normal clothes on Saturday, they are authorized to be here - just ignore them and continue with your game. Feel free to tell them thank you or how much you love this camp, though!**

With such a full house this weekend, we need to be especially careful about cleaning up after ourselves and being respectful to others in common spaces. When you arrive, grab your bed and don’t leave stuff on other beds - we need people to be able to see what beds are open when they get there.

The Space Station is completely off limits (especially this event - we’re brewing a secret there…). If you need to use a fridge for medical needs and do not have a cooler, you can use the fridge in the meal hall (always use the side access door if you need to access the kitchen).

Please do not ask for food or drinks other than water in Ops (we have ice coolers of water in Ops with cups right beside them), and do not help yourself to anything in the kitchen there. This is food specifically for staff - there are 65 of you, and only five of us! Please clean up after yourself, don’t leave cups around, and respect the space - Ops is staff’s home for the weekend, please respect it!


[Check In & Announcements]

Check in will be at 7PM at Ops (the meal hall). You can ask someone if you need help finding it, or just listen for the loud Amnesty-vibe music on the speaker and follow that.

We are taking copies of Character Sheets at Check-In from players. We have extra Character Sheets or can make a copy of yours with a copier. MAKE SURE EVERYTHING ON YOUR SHEET IS LEGIBLE!

Opening Announcements will be at the Fort at a TBD time (confirm time at Check-In), most likely 10PM!

[Special Mechanics]

There will be a mod that involves water guns and water balloons. It will be very obvious what this is. It will likely be Saturday evening, but may be sooner.


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