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Campsite Announcement: Your new home in the Badlands!


Welcome to your new home here in the Badlands: the town of Amnesty. We've fortified the town as best as we can, but it's in need of some repairs if you could lend a hand. You can sleep in one of these bunks here in the fort, but there's a couple other buildings outside the fences if you're feeling brave. It's not real safe to get within grabbing distance of some of those openings - you can climb up on that second level of the fort to look out. Don't look out there too long, though. Somethin's always looking back.

Some other time you can take a peek at the tunnels that run all under the fort. It's a maze down there and there's lots of entrances and exits all over this place. Don't spend too long or you won't come back if you catch my drift. And don't go near that section that's blockaded off - you'll know it when you see it. We can talk about that some other time... not right now, it’s sunset.

A short walk from the fort you'll find the lake, isn't it lovely? Don't drink the water, even if you boil it. I don't know where the ship came from, nobody really does. We used some of the wood from it once to repair a big chunk that got broken off the perimeter fence... it took that wood back, and then some. Next day it was as whole as it had ever been. You can go get a closer look if you want to but I sure won't be.

There's a few other cabins and buildings around here - we'll take the full walk through soon. But for now, the sun's going down. ‘Do no harm to Amnesty, and Amnesty will do no harm to you.’


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